Upcoming Events


  1. July 2022
    During the commissioning of our CH2p-100 System, we achieved grid synchronous operation for the first time. This is a major milestone towards serial prduct development. Congatulation to the team!
  2. June 2022
    HEE participated in the pitch session for start-ups at the PRE EVENT of f-cell in Stuttgart and won a free booth! See you in Stuttgart in October.
  3. May 2022
    HEE was selected by huanqiu.com to discuss and comment of hydrogen energy in China. read more.
  4. July 2021
    HEE participated in ECO Forum Global Guiyang 2021. read more.
  5. July 2020
    KölnBusiness and the City of Guiyang sign an MoU for the joint work on hydrogen topics. read more.