HEE’s Managing Director held academic Speech at SGES 2023 to explain Role of Hydrogen for Energy Storage

On 26th August, HEE’s Managing Director Stephan Duch was invited to attend the International Conference on Smart Grid and Energy Systems (SGES 2023) in Guiyang, China to give an academic speech on how hydrogen solutions can balance energy systems.

HEE’s Managing Director Stephan Duch holding the Speech


Following the successful holding of the first SGES, the second International Conference on Smart Grid and Energy Systems (SGES 2023) was organized by South China University of Technology and Guizhou University, and co-organized by the Electric Power Research Institute of Guizhou Power Grid Co., LTD. More than 30 Professors from over 10 countries prepared and joined the conference.
For preparing the study, HEE has conducted detailed research regarding energy storage requirements and the comparison between battery energy storage and hydrogen-based energy storage. It is clear that the exponential growth of energy capacity requirements throughout the energy transition will strongly favor hydrogen solutions compared to batteries. The research was based on real supplier quotes for projects that HEE works on in China.

Presentation held with the title “Energy Storage Requirements in VRE Grids (Power Capacity vs. Energy Capacity) and how Hydrogen and CHP Solutions can balance the Energy System”