HEE finalizes planning of a comprehensive Hydrogen Strategy and Hydrogen Infrastructure for a 65 km2 area in Guiyang, China

H2 Project site, Xiao Meng Industrial Park in Guiyang, about 65 Km2

In line with the framework agreement signed with the municipal government of Guiyang on 28th March 2019 and similar agreements signed afterwards, HEE, as a technical leader of a six-party consortium, prepared the Plan, Design and Consulting Service for Guiyang (National Economic and Technological Development Zone) Hydrogen Energy Industry Cluster.


The consortium, lead by HEE, consisted among others of a subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid, the state owned power grid operator, a subsidiary of Guizhou’s largest natural gas grid operator, and a subsidiary of PowerChina, one of China’s leading power plant design and construction companies. The consulting and planning work started in August 2019. The consortium finished the draft report right before Christmas 2019 and final approval from the client was received in January 2020. 

The planning work included the development of a short to long-term hydrogen development strategy and the detailed planning of a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure for the next three years. The overall planning and developing zone covers a geographical area of 65 km2. Based on government planning, roughly 300.000 new citizens will move to this area within the next 10-15 years making it an ideal spot for installing a future oriented hydrogen energy infrastructure.