HEE delivers its 100kWel CHP Fuel Cell System to its major Strategic Partner in Guiyang, China

HEE is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the design and construction of its 100kWel CHP Fuel Cell system for a client in Guiyang, China.

The system has been picked up on 9th June 2021 and will arrive China towards the end of the same month.

The system will be used in Guiyang to produce electricity for a nearby factory and provide warm water for workers living in a dormitory on the same premise. At the same time, the project partners hope to gain valuable experience through the usage of the system to allow design improvements for follow up systems.

Right next to the factory and the installation site of HEE’s CHP FC system is the brand-new Hydrogen Exhibition Center of Guiyang City (Guiyang […] Hydrogen Industry Cluster Planning Exhibition Hall). Based on the current installation plan, the system will be easily visible to Exhibition visitors making it one of the attractions of the Exhibition Center.