HEE participated in ECO Forum Global Guiyang 2021

On July 12. 2021, the “Green and Clean Energy – Energy Transition and Development Way under the Double Carbon Target” forum was held in Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center. Both founders of HEE, Stephan Duch (on site) and Marcel Corneille (online), have participated and held a speech in the conference.


The conference was hosted by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and hosted by the Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau, the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, and the Energy Industry Cooperation Working Committee of the China Council for International Investment Promotion.


Managing Director of HEE Technologies GmbH, Stephan Duch, together with Professor Yue Guangxi (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Tsinghua University), Emma Smith (British energy expert), Jiang Xuefeng (Vice President of China National Petroleum Corporation Economic and Technology Research Institute), and Deng Wenmiao (Full-time Deputy Director of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Chinese Communist Party) have discussed “Energy Transition under the ‘Double Carbon’ Target”. The meeting also held a signing ceremony for the “Green and Clean Energy Cooperation Project“ and released the “Guizhou Province Clean and High-Efficiency Power Development Report” and other results.


During the High-End Dialog Stephan Duch noted that “For many countries, how to store energy is a very important issue. If Germany and China are to achieve carbon neutrality targets in 2050 and 2060 respectively, then we must understand what additional energy storage capacity is needed to achieve this goal. Based on public studies, Germany’s electricity storage capacity would need to increase 800 times by 2050, which is very difficult to achieve. In contrast, Germany’s natural gas grid is already large enough to provide the required storage capacity. Then it is only a question which gas should be used in the gas grid – synthetic natural gas or Hydrogen. We believe Hydrogen is and will be the preferred green energy storage gas in the future. Many European gas grid operators and related companies have issued plans and commitments to establish comprehensive hydrogen gas grids in Europe and will gradually issue relevant standards. Since China is still constructing new city districts and suburbs on a large scale, it is beneficially to plan a comprehensive hydrogen energy infrastructure from the beginning.”


Mr. Marcel Corneille noted that “Germany has proposed a “hydrogen energy strategy” to prevent climate change and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. On the one hand, it no longer uses fossil energy, on the other hand, it uses energy that does not generate carbon dioxide, such as electricity and hydrogen energy and other renewable energy sources. The goal of Germany’s “hydrogen energy strategy” is to achieve Germany’s decarbonization by 2050 and promote the transformation of the entire German economy. Among them, a very important project is the production of green hydrogen energy. To this end, Germany plans to build gigawatt-level electrolysis plants and hydrogen refueling stations to decarbonize the transportation sector. At present, in terms of transportation, 100 hydrogen fueling stations have been completed by 2020, mainly for fuel cell passenger vehicles. In addition, in the Fulda region of central Germany, our goal is to meet the hydrogen refueling demand of 1,000 fuel cell trucks.
Strengthening international cooperation is a very important path to promote the development and utilization of “hydrogen energy”. Since 2019, we have provided a platform and support for the development of hydrogen energy projects in the Guiyang Economic Development Zone, including providing hydrogen and CHP systems to the local area.”