HEE forms Joint Venture in China

October 18th, 2021

HEE is glad to announce that it has successfully formed Guizhou Hydrogen Energy Efficiency Technologies Co., Ltd. (GZ HEE), a joint venture company between Guizhou Maritime Silk Road International Investment Corporation (GIIC), HEE Technologies GmbH (HEE), Guiyang Economic Development Zone Industrial Development Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (GEDZ) and Guizhou Gas Group (GGG) among others.

GZ HEE has a starting registered capital of 50 million CNY and was officially registered on 15th October 2021.

GZ HEE logo and logos of different shareholders.

GZ HEE’s factory site directly adjacent to Guiyang’s Hydrogen Exhibition Center.

GIIC is one of Guizhou’s leading national and international investment corporations focusing on investing into technically driven companies. GEDZ is the governmental legal entity that owns all relevant property and infrastructure in Guiyang Economic Development Zone – Guiyang’s largest development zone. GEDZ is important for the joint venture, because a comprehensive hydrogen energy infrastructure has been planned in this area and is currently being implemented.

H2 Project site, Xiao Meng Industrial Park in Guiyang, about 65 Km2

GGG is Guizhou’s largest natural gas grid operator and will play a key role in installing and operating hydrogen gas grids throughout Guizhou Province.

The joint venture will provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions to clients along the whole hydrogen value chain. Additionally, GZ HEE will produce and distribute HEE’s CHP fuel cell system as well as a hydrogen quality measurement system developed by EMCEL GmbH, one of HEE’s shareholders.

HEE's CHP Fuel Cell System and EMCEL's H2 Quality Measurement Device

The Joint Venture is scheduled to start production in 2nd quarter 2022.